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Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike Red

Remember radio flyer red wagon? How I miss those days!! From then radio flyer has become classic name. So when they invented Radio flyer glide & go balance bike I could not resist to give my kid to have this lovely product. And guess what my kid is in love with this bike.

For you parents who are still confused for getting what kind of balance bike you want for your kid, for them I tried to give this short and quick review. Hope it will help your all confusion to get eliminated.

Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike Red

Radio flyer glide & go balance bike is the best balance bike that your kid could ask for. It is simple but strong and classy bike. Every feature of the bike is outstanding and appreciable.

Radio Flyer Balance Bike

Smart features:

Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike Red is the best balance bike for kids for its smart and supportive features.

  1. Smart look: the bike is attractive and colorful to look at. Kids loves this option very much. The color is coated.
  2. The bike looks like a real bike. This feature makes small kids more confident as they feel like they are riding “big” bike.
  3. The bike is designed as close to ground which allows to handle the bike easily.
  4. The body frame of the bike is strong and durable. The frame is made from steel.
  5. Seat is named as “grow-with-me” and it is justified. Because the seat is really long lasting and if your kid is too active with the bike there is no chance of any harm to happen. Also it is very comfortable.
  6. The most adorable part of the bike is bell. Kids love the ringing bell very much. My kid loves the bell most. He just keep the bell ringing whole time and he enjoys it.
  7. Handlebars are designed as curved and this design brings a unique look in the bike.
  8. Tires are flat resistant and delivers a smooth ride. For a bike tire is main factor and radio flyer has kept attention to this.

Radio Flyer Balance Bike and Go Bike


Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike Red is a bike that won the heart of lots of kids. Here are the some parts I like the best about the bike:

  • The bell is so cute eventually I fell in love with it let alone my kid. It is so adorable.
  • Design of the bike is classy.
  • The process of assemble is quick and simple.
  • Seat has quick release bolt which makes it adjustable.
  • Long lasting steel frame with bell.
  • Tire is soft and durable. No worries of having flat tires.
  • Easy to lift as it is light in weight. So it can be handled with ease.


Here I highlighted some cons which I personally felt to be fixed.

  • There is no protection in handlebars.
  • Footrest is very much needed in this bike.
  • Continuous ringing bell can be sometimes very irritating especially for neighbors’.
  • Price should be considered.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the bike ok for my 4 year old?

A big yes!! Why not? My 5 year old till plays with it and my other 2 years old also learning on it. So take it without no confusion.

Is it worth it?

Honestly you will get more then you have spent on it. The look, features are so damn good that you will not regret. The money will be not a fact after you will see your kid is enjoying with it.

Personally I was a fan of radio flyer from the beginning. I was also delighted that my kid is using their invention the best balance bike on the town.  It is considered as the great beginner for learning bike at early age. Your kids will have best happy hours with this bike.  This bike also work as confidence booster for kids. Your kid will learn riding bicycle without falling, facing any complications or not having irritating hours of trying to ride with full enjoyment and enthusiasm. You will see within two weeks your son will riding the bike like a pro and he will be full ready to for a big pedal bike within a year.

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