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Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

Looking for a different kind of bike for your angel? Here is a collection for you named Prince Lionheart Balance Bike. Few times ago I also was searching for a different but durable balance bike for my kid. Then I came to know about the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike. Honestly, I and my kid fell in love with this bike.

I personally tried to give the simple and honest review for all parents who want to give their kids a new looking balance bike.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is one of the best wooden balance bike now available in a market. This bike is 100% made of Birchwood, so it is fully eco-friendly. It comes with the simple but lucrative design.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Attractive features:

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is an awesome bike with lovable features. Your kid will be delighted to play with this bike.

  1. This bike weight is 11.4 lbs. sounds heavy right? Trust me, my 3-year-old ride this with easiness, he handles it like a pro.
  2. For me, footrest and brakes are responsible for distract and confusion, this bike has none of this. So it is the best balance bike for toddlers as a beginner. It helps to learn balance and develop confidence.
  3. The tires are filled with air which gives the ride bumpy and crazy. Kids enjoy this kind of rides. For the tires, the bike looks like “big” bike.
  4. Basic dimension is 23 x 5.7 x 11.9 inches.
  5. The seat is adjustable. So any height can be adjusted.
  6. The body frame of the bike is strong and durable though it is made from wood.


This attractive bike is a bundle of pro features.

  • It helps how to manage a bike.
  • Also develops balance and escorting.
  • Attractive and durable design.
  • Helps a lot in riding a pedal bike.
  • Simple and eco-friendly in design.
  • Very light and can be easily handled.
  • Air tires which help to deliver a smooth ride.
  • Very simple steps to assemble after unboxing.
  • Kids can learn riding bike quickly.
  • The bike is affordable.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike


I personally need this features to be fixed. They are:

  • Big in size for a toddler.
  • The footrest is needed.
  • Adjustable handlebars are mandatory.
  • Needs maintenance now and then.
  • Bolts are not so good, it gets loosen.
  • Vulnerable parts.

Frequently asked question:

Is it worth for my kid?

Yes! Not just it is a balance bike but it is a different type of bike. You will like it and your kid will also enjoy the ride.

Are tires available?

Well of course. Because the tire is filled with air so it needs maintenance whenever it goes puff while riding. You can find it any prince lion heart store.

My kid is now 4-year-old and he has been riding this bike for 4 long years and yes he rides it like a pro. We were very much concern about getting a pedal bike but when he rode the pedal bike of my friend’s kid without any support we were like “holy cow” my kid has grown up!! Thanks to the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike.  This bike is just awesome.

The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is a great choice if u prefer an eco-friendly product. It is a product of easy use, great bike for a beginner and best bike for developing balance, maintaining and steering.

Kids love this bike for its comfortable features. But as it is made from wood it needs extra care while using and water shouldn’t come in this bike because it is not water resistant.

Apart from this little problem, the bike is best for little kids who is going for the first ride. He will learn with fun.

Overall Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is a bike with refreshment and cozy features. The better part is it is eco-friendly and this bike comes in all sizes and shapes. Kids get confused while choosing bikes in so many varieties. The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is smart, long lasting and helps in teaching kids all the important skills of coordination and balance.  After getting used to this no pedal bike your kid will ride the pedal bike like a professional bike rider, you parents will be surprised and proud of your kid. So go for Prince Lionheart Balance Bike and enjoy the learning phase of your kid.

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