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MyKick Balance Bike Review

MyKick Balance Bike is now one of the best balance bikes among kids and parents. It is just amazing. For three weeks I was just looking for a cool balance bike for my kid but I was so confused. After getting into some reviews finally, I decided to go for MyKick Balance Bike and yes I am happy with my decision.

I personally wrote this review for best balance bike seeking parents to help them to choose the best one for their kids.

MyKick Balance Bike is all-rounder bike. All of its features from handle bars clasps to durable tires are just up to the mark. In a whole it is the best balance bike now for the kids.

MyKick Balance Bike

Appreciable features you have to know:

  1. As for other bikes you have to assemble them but as for my kick balance bike, it is already assembled 100%. You have to just place the handlebars and making the headset tighten with the wrench which is given with the bike. After then? Just let your kid ride with it or jump with it or anything he wants.
  2. 4-year-old can ride MyKick Balance Bike very easily and smoothly. Seat are placed and the range is 12.5″ to 16″ from the ground.
  1. The best features are the rubber tires. They are leak-resistant, provides a smooth ride even in dirt or brick walkways. No chance of losing track. The tires are strong and long lasting.
  1. Cozy rubber clasps which is very much loved by the kids.
  1. Seats are adjustable and padded. There is quick release option with the seat. So you can adjust it.
  1. The head seat is awesomely durable and wheel hubs are a ball bearing.
  1. The simple design which helps kids to handle it in the proper way.
  1. Colors are lucrative. Kids love the looks of the bike.
  2. Though the bike weighs 10 pounds – but kids use it as the 8-pound bike. No difficulty is faced while riding.


MyKick Balance Bike is best-known balance bike. Why? Because:-

  • The bike is fully ready when you get it. So no worries of assembling.
  • Tires are long-lasting and strong. It can absorb all complicated surfaces like brick ways or dirt.
  • Rubber grips are available in the handlebars which are secured and comfy especially for kids.
  • Padded seat comes with quick release option which allows swift adjustment per kids comfort zone and height.
  • The headset is made from best metal and it helps in smooth navigation.
  • You will love the colors of the bikes while you go for purchasing them. Kids will also find them eye-catching.
  • Great bike for starting to learn ride.


MyKick Balance Bike


  • A handbrake is much needed for this bike.
  • While gliding kids look for some space to keep their feet up, it will be good if some space for footrest is taken.
  • As for the price, it is not so affordable.

Frequently asked question:

Is the weight really not a problem?

Yes, there is and will be no problem with the weight of the bike. Though it weighs 10 pounds but it can be handle as the 8-pound bike.

Is it worthy?

Honestly yes. Personally, I prefer this bike for all kids. It’s simple and user-friendly feature helps kid to learn riding bike you will not regret if you buy this bike for your little one.

My kick balance bike is powerful bike   because your little one first learn to ride while they roam around developing control by keeping feet on the ground.

My kick balance bike is the best option for developing your kid’s confidence as they try to learn all by themselves like running and gliding.

I personally was a fan of my kick products from a long time. When I heard they have started with a balance bike, I was very eager to give my kid to use one of the bikes. Honestly, I am happy with their product and service. My kid has ridden it for four years and now he rides a big pedal bike and he is so good at it.

So it will be wise if your kid starts their ride with my kick balance bike. so kids what ar you waiting for go and get one of your own.

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