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 Best Balance Bike for kids - Review and Guide 2020 

Thinking about what to give your four-year-old in his birthday? Take my advice give him a balance bike. Your angel will be up to cloud nine.  We have reviewed some best balance bike for you.

 Kids just love to ride bikes. But as parents, we are worried for the balance, so balance bike is the best option. With balance bike you don’t have to help your kids to learn to ride a bike by holding the handle with your kid and run with the bike.

A balance bike is a fun ride for kids. Because this bike has no pedal and brake. Kids just ride along with the help of their feet. This helps kids to learn balance and grow confidence to ride ‘’big bike.

best balance bike

 Definition of a balance bike:

Normally a bike is a ride with two wheels. But for kids it is very tough and scary to ride because of imbalance option. It is really hard for kids to learn in two wheels because they may fall and get hurt. But nowadays for kids balance bike has been introduced. It is a comparatively new device for parents in helping their kids to learn cycling with it.

This balance bike is designed to prevent the fear in kids of falling because the cycles have a balance on the wheels, so the kids can keep their balance while riding. Thus, they can gain confidence and enjoy the ride.

The balance bike specially made for those kids who are ready to ride a tricycle or willing to learn ride in two wheels. The most amazing thing is Kids who has just learned to stand and walk also can use this bike because of its balanced option. Kids enjoy their moments without any fear and worry.

Why a balance bike ?

Now there could be a question that why a balance bike needs to be chosen for kids. There are some specific reasons that parents thinking about giving their kids a balance bike. The reasons are: 

  • The seat is placed in a lower part of the bike.
  • There is no pedal.

For these two features, your kid can make his ride as he want. The seat helps kid’s feet to be on the ground when they are on the bike. For this kids can walk or run with the bike. As there is no pedal the bike moves as the kids move.

They can run and sit on the bike as the bike moves forward with the force they used. This way kids learn how to keep balance while riding a bike and also prevent themselves from falling.

Reasons for choosing balance bike:

Why you should choose a balance bike for your kids? Well-

  • They are best option for first learning.
  • They are easy to control.
  • They can be use anywhere.
  • They are 100% safe.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab one for your kid.

Help your Kids to Know About The Best Balance Bike:

At first kids will get panic when the learning session starts, so parents should follow some technics to convince kids.

  • Be a support system: As kids go for something new they need parents support the most. So while kid are learning to ride then be their side till they are confident about being themselves. Parents are supporting system for kids. Their support helps kid to build confidence and learn properly.
  • Try to read kids mind: Kids are sometimes moody and don’t want to learn ride. Then its parent duty to read kids mind about their choice and mood swings. Try to talk them about and give mental support. Then you will see kids are cooperating with you and learning to ride.
  • Be calm with kids: Sometimes it will be very tough with kids when they will begin to learn. They will irritate and complain about the ride. You have to be calm and handle the situation very carefully. Because if you impose it kid will not find it enjoyable ride and it will be a tough one to learn.

How to ride a balance bike?

You may think how kids will learn to ride a bike where there is no pedal or brake.

Well the balance bike is a bike that is controlled by the kid’s feet. When kids need speed at first he needs to run with the bike then keep the feet on the footrest of bike, thus the bike will move.

When the bike is needed to be stopped then just keep the feet on the ground then the bike will stop.

So the formula is run, glide and stop. This formula will help the kids to learn balance bike quickly and perfectly.

You may think can they go for pedal bike after riding non pedal bike? Yes of course, because the balance and navigation that is learnt by the non-pedal bike helps a lot while going for pedal bike.

 Nowadays there are so many options of balance bikes for kids. It is very confusing for parents to choose. In this article I tried to give some honest reviews of top 10 balance bike which are trendy, sturdy and kids friendly. Go through the best balance bike reviews and take the best balance bike for your kids.

Diggin active skuutt wooden balance bikePrice: $$$

Rating: 4.1

This awesome wooden balance bike is the creation of digging. They have ensured the quality and look of this cute balance bike for kids.

The bike is specially made for 2-5 years old toddlers.

Diggin has achieved numerous honorable awards like creative top toy, The Oppenheim Gold Seal and more for this skuut wooden balance bike

 Buy this bike kids can run and push or whatever they like to do on the ground. No parents support is needed.

Kids can learn to balance themselves, the taste of freedom, knows about direction and coordination. Most important thing is it is not heavy only 75lbs. In a whole a perfect balance bike for toddlers.

Chicco red bullet balance training bikePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.6

Thanks to chicco for bringing this smart balance bike for kids. This awesome balance bike is very much popular among parents for its adjustable and kids friendly feature.

Kids can enjoy the bike ride with running and pushing. No fear of losing balance, no need of parental support. They enjoy a comfortable ride.

This balance bike is made with light metal in order to be lightweight, so kids can play with it easily. This balance bike for kids helps to gain confidence and balance among kids.

Chicco balance bikes deal with the balancing and guidance during the bike ride. So it can be said chicco red bullet balance bike is the best bike for kids.

Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance BikePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.7

Strider balance bike is the best combination of value, ability, and preference. Parents prefer this best balance bike for its cool features.

The unique design of the balance bike helps toddlers to learn balance while riding. They can roam around with the help of their feet on the ground without any fear of falling.

The most important feature of this balance bike is it is easily adjustable and simple to assemble. Parents are impressed with this feature.

In the whole strider is now number one choice as best balance bike among parents.

Kazam balance bike v2ePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.7

Kazam balance bike is unique because of its design. This 12-inch steel balance bike has footrest for helping in balance and keeping feet properly while riding.

The most amazing part is its simple assemble and strong but light frame.

In whole the Kazan balance bike is a combination of simple and light and tires which not gets punctured.

Radio flyer glide & go balance bike red
Price: $$$

Rate: 4.4

This balance bike is smart and light. Radio flyer bike works as a confidence booster for kids by helping them to learn bike riding without any fear but with fun.

This awesome balance bike will prepare kids in learning balance, figuring direction. Kids enjoy this balance bike because this bike has extra feature which is ringing a bell.

Also, it is easy to assemble and durability is guaranteed. Parents are happy with the comfortable features of the bike.

So it can be said radio flyer bike is easy and cozy balance bike for kids.

Prince lionheart balance bikePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.0

The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike introduces your kid to learn balance which is very important to learn before going for a pedal bike.

This bike has some strong features like the adjustable seat, rubber handle, and wooden frame. These all features are appreciated by parents.

So it is confirmed that prince lionheart bike is confidence booster for kids.

My kick balance bikePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.7

Kids just want to do what they want. They don’t think about any consequences. They love the bike and they want to go biking. But for their safety we parents want to give them a safe ride.

Mykick balance bike assures that safety ride. With this bike your kids will enjoy every moment while riding and also learning balance and steering.

This bikes feature is comfortable and sturdy. All parts like tire, handle and seat are adjustable and long-lasting. Mybike balance bike is a safe and fun ride for all kids.

Trikke Bikee Balance BikePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.6

Bikee balance bike is safe and cozy for toddlers who want to learn bike ride quickly. They work on kids’ confidence and ability.

This bike has brilliantly worked on balance part, wheelbase part is long and angled to the front. This feature helps kid to keep balanced while gliding. 

The others feature like tires, footrest are also innovative. They are adjustable and sturdy.

Trikke bikee balance bike will be the best option for your kid for learning and enjoying the bike ride.

Y bike balance bikePrice: $$$

Rate: 4.2

Y bike is the award winning bike for its great and benefitted features. Its design is so simple and smart that kids can learn with it happily.

The bike is designed with full safety requirements and helps kids in developing balance, navigation and inner strength in kids. Also basic improvement in dynamic and fixed balance.

The best part of this bike is its front wheel. It is position is as like as “big wheel”. So kids can get the feeling of riding a real big bike.

Moreover the bike is lightweight, so kids can handle it very easily.

So it can be considered as the best balance bike for toddlers who wants to learn bike easily and simply.

VILANO Balance BIKEPrice: $$$

Rate: 4.6

Learning to ride a bike is great achievement for a kid. So it is important to choose a good balance bike for kids.

Vilano balance bike is the best balance bike for kids. This bike helps kids to learn in very simple way. Though it has no pedal but it is pro in helping kids to learn balance and navigation.

This bike is light but has strong frame, has a cute bell. Kid can handle the bike easily and freely. Parents stay relief when kids are on the bike.

Has also durable tires which is leak resistant.

This bike comes with variety of colors. Kids loves the colors.

For simple but strong features vilano balance bike can be first option for best balance bike seeker parents.

Advantage of Balance Bikes for youngsters:

There are many benefits of balance bike for the kids. They are:


  • Has upgraded Safety and enhances confidence in your kids.
  • Helps in Learning Basic Rules Of Traffic.
  • Assists in improving health with outdoor adventures.
  • Knows about skills of balance before starting with pedals.
  • The practice of workout grows.
  • Instant reaction skill is developed.
  • Gains knowledge in braking basics.

Why your kids must have a balance bike?

Kids love adventures and they want to play enjoy all by themselves. They prefer a bike ride the most. They love it because it is adventurous.

 Parents love these balance bikes because they can let their kids learn and enjoy all by themselves. No worries of falling or keeping eyes for all time.

 Kids can ride these bikes anywhere like sidewalks, pavement, and gravel or on asphalt very easily.

If you are having trouble with your kid’s tricycle or thinking of his safety then go for a balance bike and enjoy with your baby in bike riding learning.

What to consider in choosing bike?

You have think of many things while choosing a balance bike for your toddler. Things you should consider:

  1. Characteristics: While choosing bike must check the frame. The frame must be made with best quality equipment’s like aluminum or steel. One thing the bike must be solid and strong because some kids may not be easy with toys.

Moreover, bikes which are made of aluminum is light and very easy to carry and use. Steel are little heavy it will be the best option for older kids than toddlers.

Some bike is made of mixed material like wood, steel or aluminum, but these materials are not strong enough for a bike.

But if the bike has the mixed materials of steel and aluminum then it will be the best option for your kids.

  1. Height of Seat: It is very important to consider the height of the seat. Height matters if you want to use it for a long time. And most importantly it should be adjustable for you baby to ride and enjoy.
  2. Weight ability of bike: The bike should have the capacity to hold the kids weight. Bikes should be selected on the base of kid’s size and age. If this option is not considered that it will be harmful to your kid by facing unwanted accident.

Check limit of the bikes weight of your kid’s size.

Another point is the bike should not be heavy, it should be light for kids to use. If it is heavier than kids will not able to enjoy the ride.

  1. Tires: There are different types of tires. The best options are standard air, Eva foam, rubber honey comb, and extra cushioned air tires. These tires are best for kids balance bikes.
  2. Brakes: For kids brakes are not so essential. All balance bikes have no brakes. But if you want your kids to learn about brakes then you can add an extra mechanism for brakes. Normally balance bikes can be controlled by kid’s feet and hand.
  3. Handlebars: In kids bike there should be user-friendly handlebars. So kids hand to stay on the handlebars while riding.
  1. Warranty: While purchasing a balance bike ensure of long time warranty. Because while using it sometimes it may get broken or some parts may get disable. If you have warranty you can get it changed. A long time warranty is best if you consider using the bike for your more children.
  1. Price: The last and least important part is the price that you have to consider. But one thing if you go for the less expensive bike then you will get a low quality bike which will not be good for your kid. So for the safety factor of your kids, you should consider the price of the best balance bike.

Things you must know before using balance bike:

  • You must go through the best balance bike reviews before getting your kid a balance bike.
  • Your child must know to walk before using balance bike.
  • Your kid’s height must be taller than the bike.
  • Consider the weight limit.
  • The seat must be comfortable because your kid has to spend much time on the seat.
  • Handbrake will be a plus point for your kid when the will go for a tricycle.

While using a bike you have to maintain it properly. Like:

  • Always check the tires. Whether it has air or not.
  • Keep the wheels, brackets, steering and bearings out of rust. Polish them with light lubricants.
  • Clean bike properly with a damp piece of cloth. Don’t use much water or else it will invite rust on your bike.
  • Keep space for your bike in your garage or basement. Because the weather may not be good for your bike.

Pros and cons of balance bike:

Every product has pros and cons. Here I highlighted the pros and cons of balance bike.


  • Simple and fast way to learn bike ride for toddlers.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • No fear of fall and getting hurt.
  • Many option to choose which the best one is.
  • Kids learn and develop balance and navigating.
  • Balance bike prepares kids for big pedal bike perfectly.
  • Affordable price that helps parents to give the best balance bike to kid without any problem.


  • Sometime maintenance problem occurs.
  • Bikes features sometimes is not so impressive.
  • Kids don’t prefer Balance bikes without footrest.
  • Some brand does not has option for changing defected parts.

A Balance bike is also known as a push bike, running bike, or, pre-bike. It is just an amazing learning toy that can help your kid to ride a bike without crying, falling fear and imbalance problems.

You will experience bundle of joy when your kid will learn and ride the bike with full confidence. Then you will know your kid is ready for “big” bike.

Hope you enjoyed my article all about kids balance bikes that are now becoming popular among parents. While taking decision about purchasing a balance bike for your kid just keep in mind about the quality and simple features of the bike.

 So take your time and judge your options by reading all reviews.  But be sure you are getting honest reviews because out of all your kids’ safety must be your priority. Check the honest review then choose the best one.

Then give your angel the best balance bike and have fun with him. After sometimes you will see the change in your kid and you will understand that your kid is ready to for a big pedal bike.