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Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike – a bike which kids must have

Looking for a smart and cozy balance bike for your kid? Then I suggest to go for Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike. Believe me you and your kid will fall in love with this cute little balance bike.

Kids love to follow elders and they want “big” toys like them. For this desire Chicco invented this balance bike for kids. This balance bike looks exactly like a bike with pedal.

chicco red bullet balance training bike.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

This unique bike is especially designed for may be considered as best balance bike for toddlers. Last Christmas I gifted my kid this smart bike. He loved the bike and now he spend almost all of the on the bike.

Hope this honest chicco red bullet balance training bike review will help you to take decision for your kid.

Features you need to know about chicco red bullet balance training bike:

For the unique feature of chicco red bullet balance training bike is very much popular among parents.

Here I spotlighted some main features of this bike that I liked very much.

  • This bike is combination of Classy look and strong body. This balance bike comes with eye-catching look and no extra thing are added.
  • The body frame is strong and the fear of breaking is less if it is handled carefully.
  • The padded seat is very comfortable and adjustable. My kid gave 10/10 vote for this seat.
  • Tires are amazingly leak resistant and soft. They help the ride to be flawless.
  • Also the height of the seat is adjusted so kids can reach the ground easily.
  • The holder which is made of rubber is a good one. They are also extra-long and wide than size.
  • This specification helps to learn balance and steer quick enough.
  • The most appreciated feature is this bike is very much affordable. You will get the best thing at cheap price.
  • Basic feature of this bike is 27.4×18.1×22 inches. Also its weight is 7.5 pounds.
  • Kids up to 4 yr. old can use this bike easily.


Chicco red bullet balance training bike comes with a lot of benefit features.

  • The price is very much affordable. I was confused when I knew about this bike but when I saw the price I was so thankful to chicco for keeping this amazing bike affordable for me.
  • Classy design and simple fittings.
  • Body color is excellent and eye-catching.
  • Your kid will not be able to differ whether it is real pedal bike or non-pedal bike. It is so look alike of real pedal bike.
  • Very comfy seat and adjustable handles.
  • All controlling power of bike are provided by the seat and handles.
  • Tires are leak resistant. Also soft and provides flawless ride.
  • Above all parents loved the chicco red bullet balance training bike a lot.


All products has some cons also. So do chicco red bullet balance training bike has:

  • Sometimes the wrench which is given for the assembling does not work properly.
  • Soft tires sometimes gives a jerky ride.
  • Size is main con of this bike. Though your kids will love the bike but they soon outgrow from it.
  • Frame is so sturdy but colour is not scratch a little unhanding causes scratch on the body.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the height proper for your 3 year old?

Yes! This bike is best option for all kids up to 3 years old. The handlebars and the padded seat is designed with such adjustability. Height from the ground to the seat is 15 inches which is perfect for 3 year old.

Is it worthy for kids?

Honestly! I would say yes. Because my boy now ride with it like a pro. He just enjoy his ride so much, thanks to chicco for inventing this bike and making also affordable.


Want your kids to be a pro bike rider? Then he should learn without any problem. Chicco red bullet balance training bike will help you in this.

If you have budget problem then also chicco red bullet balance training bike will work as savior of the day.
Moreover your kid will be up to cloud nine after getting and riding this bike. He will learn balance while riding very quickly.
So it can be said chicco red bullet balance training bike is the best balance bike for kids. It will help your kid to go easily with pedal bike without fear of any fall or problem.

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