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Small kids are the full packet of joys. They can and give enjoy to all. These cute buns just want to have fun all time and believe me they are always full of energy to have fun always. If they have a balance bike to play with it will be twice fun for them. So for balance bike seeker parents here are some points to learn and know about some points to consider to buy the best balance bike for your kids.

The points to consider while buying the best balance bike for your kids: You will get many types and kinds of balance bike and will get confused. Here I will recommend the best balance bikes which are best on brand and quality.

  1. Kazam balance bike
  2. Trikke Bikee Balance Bike
  3. Go & Radio Flyer Balance Bike Red
  4. Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance Bike
  5. Prince lion hearts balance bike
  6. My Kick Balance Bike

Process of choosing the Best Balance Bike-

While choosing the best balance you have to consider some points. Here I have discussed the points. So let start riding:

01. Quality:

While getting a balance bike for your kids you must ensure the quality of the bike. You may get bike frames with steel, aluminum or wood. But sorry to say that these frames are not good for balance bike. You can go for combine frame which are very much sturdy and user-friendly.

02. Seat Height:

This part is important. You have to look for seat with adjustable and user friendly height. There are many adjustable seats are now in the market. Avoid seats with bolts.

03. Weight Capacity:

Look for a light but sturdy bike for your kid. Because if your kids bike is heavy then it will be hard for him to ride or if it is too light then he will not enjoy the ride. So choose the best bike with average weight for your kid.

04. Tires:

You will get many types of tires for your kid’s bike. Generally, the best types of tires are standard air, extra-cushioned air, rubber honeycomb. Try to keep the tires with this combination.

05. Brakes:

Generally balance bike don’t have brakes. But if your kid is very little then you can consider a brake for your kid’s bike. It will help them to develop balance and learning ride.

06. Footrest:

Unlike brakes footrests are also is a consideration part. You can add it if your kid need it while learning to ride.

07. Handlebars:

Handlebars should be easy to grab. The knobby texture will be a plus point on the handle bar. This option helps to kid stay and ride longer with bike.

08. Warranty:

Your kid’s bike must have a warranty. Sometimes you may have bad parts with the bike. If you have warranty you will get it changed. If you have two kids then you have to keep the bike fit for the long time with the warranty option.

09. Price:

The last and not the least price of the bike. You will try to get bikes with a low budget but you have to be alert while getting the bike with low price. These low price bike may not be durable. So get the best balance bike for your kid with a little high budget but bike with long lasting feature.


Now you have the full idea what to consider while choosing the best balance bike for your kid. I know there are many things, after all, it is all about the safety of your kid. So keep this points in mind and have happy shopping with your kid.